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12th ANNUAL FALL OPEN HOUSE!! - OCTOBER 25TH! from 10:00 to 4:00pm - FREE for members, $3.00 per person or $5.00 per family. 

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Public Tour: Friday, October 31st, from 3-4 p.m.  Call in advance   -- group size limited to 20 people (805-388-9944).  $5 per adult; FREE for kids ages 5 and under and WFVZ Members!


Spring Open House:      WAS May 3rd 2014!  Check out our Facebook Page!

 11th Annual Fall Open House was a great success! Check out the photos on Facebook!!


See René Corado's visit to University of the Valley, Guatemala

Check our 9th Annual Open House! Video   

Now on Facebook!   See video of the WFVZ's collections, and pictures of our trip to Costa Rica and where we work in Guatemala! 

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New and now available, 'Birds' Nests of the World', by Mamoru Suzuki.  Edited by René Corado and Linnea Hall.

Review by Ian Paulsen

Also, this is our book on the eggs and nests of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, by WFVZ Executive Director Dr. Linnea Hall and Collections Manager René Corado, with photos by Rosamond Purcell Egg and Nest See our Gift Store page for information on both books! 


Read reviews of the book:  10,000 Birds, Audubon, The New York Times, American Scientist

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In 2003 the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology started its first membership program and we had a great response (see Charter Members page)!  Members’ contributions and positive energy help keep our materials available to researchers all over the world, and our doors open to educators and students in our local communities. They also help support our field research in Guatemala and projects in the Collections. 

If you would like to join the WFVZ, please send us your Membership Application (PDF) or contact us.

As a member of the WFVZ, you not only get the satisfaction of supporting the largest collection of bird egg and nest materials in the world and the projects that the Foundation conducts, but also get the following “perks”: 
  • Periodic newsletters highlighting recent and upcoming events at the Foundation, as well as new scientific acquisitions, projects, and findings. 
  • An invitation to our Annual Open House event, held every fall, with demonstrations of study skin and egg preparation techniques, and a chance to view materials of the egg, nest, and skin collections at your leisure.
  • The opportunity to participate in ornithology, oology & nidology, specimen preparation, and other classes, at discounted rates.
  • The opportunity to purchase collector’s edition bird and natural history books from our bookstore, and gifts from our giftstore, at discounted rates.
  • Free Public Tours for you and your family, and for contributors at the “Brown Pelican” level or above, a free Private Tour of the Foundation.

LaughingOUR 2010-2013 MEMBERSSmile

Thomas E. Caestecker
Eunice & Douglas Goodan
Don and Cele Hall
Betty Harrison
Heather Medvitz

Dr. Bertin W. Anderson
Linnea Hall
Dennis Cabral
Carolyn Greene
Kathleen Killelea
Chrystal & Don Klabunde 
Beverlee McGrath 
Gwyn & David Siversten

Dixie & Bill Anderson
Dr. Ron Barnes
Edward & Susie Beall
Dennis L. Cabral
Russ and Linda Charvonia
Thomas & Victoria Cloonan
Arla Crane 
Don Cunningham
Alicia & Ken Flesch
Mary Lynn Josephson
Dr. Michael Kelly
Peter Knapp
William & Carol Langford
David & Gwyn Sivertsen
Mike Snowden
BROWN PELICANS ($100-$249) 
James and Anna Beakley
Lance Benner
Mary Lou Brown
Ron Brown
Margaret Buxkemper   
Coleen Cory
Michael Craven
Will and Darlene Carlson
Johanna Dawes
Jeff Davis
Richard A. Erickson 
Gary Evans
Martha Fahnoe
Jon C. Fisher
Jaclyn Frisbie
Tom Gallardo, Gallardo & Assoc.
Jack Gillooly
Murray Goldstein
Eunice & Douglas Goodan  
Sharon Hall
E. A. Hankins III, M.D.
Jean & Bill Hulberg
Johan Ingles 
Dr. Gretchen  H. Jacobson
Eric V. & Christine R. Johnson 
Larry Johnson in Memory of Will Carlson
Susan Kaveggia
Dexter Kelly and Elizabeth Rinnander
Gerrett Kimball
Peter Knapp
Karl & Trudy Letsch

John Lobel
Ronaele & Gary Martin
Nobuko McClure
Nancy Mecozzi
Michael L. Morrison
Colleen Newkirk
Kristie N. Nelson
Bruce Orr 
Thurlow Partridge
Michael A. Patten
David and Jeannette Powles
Rosamond and Dennis Purcell 
Arlen Ring 
Marian & Steve Rothstein
Craig Rudolph & Jennifer Matos
Walter Sakai 
Dr. Spencer Sealy
William & Shirley Seaver
Laura Sharpe 
Joseph P. Skorupa
Robert B. Tallyn & Betsy Bachman
Ed Tarvyd
Scott and Linda Terrill
Janet Tholen & Allen Alsobrook
Mrs. Stewart G. Tuttle
Janet Wall
Suzanne and Allan Wallander
Don & Cheryl Williamson
Erika Wilson
Jackie and James Worden

Aurelio Albaisa
Kammy and Joey Algiers
Eldora Barton
Diane and Gary Barton
Connie and Brian Bastow
Tracy Brown
Mary Ann Campbell
Linda Cohenour
Charles Collins
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Lavonne Eden
Patricia & Richard Farris
Adele Fergusson
Kathryn & Robert Field
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Jim Jennings
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Janine and Brian Mansell and Mattson
Sylvia Marcin
Suzanne and Bryce Neff
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Kay Regester
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Clifford and Julie Shackelford
Joseph Skorupa
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Catherine and Robert Waters
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Jonathan Dunn
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