Dr. D. Craig Rudolph (Co-Treasurer)

Dr. D. Craig Rudolph was born in Ventura County, and he has recently returned following retirement from the US Forest Service. He received a BS and MS in zoology from UCSB and a PhD from Texas Tech University in 1975. He was employed by the Southern Research Station in Nacogdoches from 1986 until retirement in 2016. He conducted extensive research on the federally endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker and coauthored a book (The Red-cockaded Woodpecker: Surviving in a Fire-maintained Ecosystem), authored or coauthored numerous articles, and was heavily involved in this species’ conservation. Since 1992, Craig has also been involved in research on the federally threatened Louisiana Pinesnake, including an ongoing reintroduction effort in which he plays a continuing role.

Other research interests include restoration and management of prairie communities and pitcher plant bogs, lepidopteran community structure, biology of the Diana Fritillary, and snake community ecology. He recently coauthored a book entitled The Cave Fauna of California, an annotated checklist of the subterranean fauna of the state with sections on the geology, biodiversity, biogeography, ecology, and conservation of the remarkably extensive and diverse cave fauna of California. Craig joined the WFVZ Board in early 2019.