mimi utah

Mimi Damwyk (Collections Assistant)

Mimi started working at the WFVZ as a volunteer in 2014, helping to digitize data as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant-funded program. She was born, grew up and lived in Indonesia until 2009 when she moved to the USA. During her early career in Indonesia, she worked for coral reef conservation with a local non-profit organization in Jakarta for a few years. In 2005, she received a scholarship to pursue her master’s study in Tourism and Environment at the Wageningen University and Research Center, the Netherlands. Upon finishing her degree, she accepted one of the most challenging and exciting offers, and spent 4 years working at the Komodo National Park on a project created and funded by The Nature Conservancy to make the park self-sustainable through ecotourism. She also participated in conservation efforts for Komodo dragons and coral reefs within the park through community outreach activities. She enjoyed in-situ conservation work because of the dynamics and uniqueness each environment had to offer. 

A decade after working with coral reef and Komodo dragon conservation, she found herself working with bird conservation at the WFVZ. She has a great passion for conservation, and she believes one does not have to work exclusively with only one species in one place to contribute to preservation of the biodiversity on earth. In the spirit of nature, everything is interconnected. You can even start from your own home.