Shannonm bio

Shannon Morris (Education and Curatorial Assistant)

Shannon has worked for the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology since 2018, assisting in a diversity of departments. During nesting bird season in 2020, Shannon aided in conducting nesting bird surveys and biomonitoring. She also leads public and private tours for people of all age ranges, and assists with school labs and tours. Additionally, she is a curatorial assistant for the museum. Shannon loves that WFVZ combines science, research, and education to provide such crucial services to our planet and the people.

Shannon grew up in rural Montana and found that the mountains and rivers were her place of serenity. There she grew fond of observing flora and fauna of all kinds. In 2012, California became her new home. She attended Channel Islands State University and graduated in 2017 with a BSc in Environmental Science and Resource Management and a minor in Psychology, which led to many opportunities to develop a more scientific understanding of this serendipitous natural world. Since graduating, she has conducted point transect counts in the Cook Islands, educated kids in the Santa Monica Mountains and with US Fish & Wildlife, and looks forward to continuing to contribute to the mission of WFVZ.