Classes and Training

The WFVZ also offers one-on-one training or private lessons in study skin and egg preparation and curation, taught by Collections Manager Mr. RenĂ© Corado, and has internships available for upper-division college undergraduate and graduate students. Training is by appointment only and costs $75/person, $50 for member, for a 3-hour class. 

Dr. Linnea Hall, an avian conservation biologist, also offers classes in Identification of Southern California Birds to professional biologists, students, and the general public. This popular class is taught every spring (April, May, or June), and is useful for birdwatchers, bird enthusiasts, or people who just want to learn more about birds! The class includes fieldtrips, and usually meets for 3-4 evening labs at the museum, and 3 Saturday fieldtrips.  Students may take any or all classes, and classes can repeated multiple years! Call for pricing!

skinning birdclass LH
Study skin preparation class with RenĂ© Corado                                                       Bird identification class with Dr. Linnea Hall