Our Programs

WFVZ Our ProgramsSince the early 1960s, the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology has contributed information on its materials to thousands of research projects. The Foundation's resources have played key roles in understanding diverse topics such as avian systematics and evolution, the effects of environmental contamination, the effects of physiological changes on eggshell structure and thinning, bird distribution and habitat use, and long term environmental changes. Check our online databases here WFVZ Collections

Today the WFVZ expands upon its history of promoting the understanding and conservation of birds through four primary programs:

    Specimen Acquisition and Preservation
    Field- and Collections-based Research

All of these programs support our goals to:

(1) acquire and preserve ornithological collections for the use of researchers, educators, students, artisits, and the general public;

(2) provide data on these materials;

(3) educate the public;

(4) conduct original research; and

(5) promote the conservation of birds and natural resources.

WFVZ Our Programs