Specimen Acquisition & Preservation

WFVZ Acquisition and Preservation california quailThe WFVZ houses more than four hundred individual collections, totalling more than a million specimens. Foundation staff continually strive to locate and acquire scientifically valuable avian specimens for the Foundation's research and teaching collections. For example, the Foundation has been a repository for donations of institutional egg collections, resulting in a large number of egg sets in North American museum collections being donated to the WFVZ since the 1970s.

The primary sources for specimens currently are wildlife rehabilitation organizations; car, cat, and window-killed birds; wildlife research agencies and organizations; and the Foundation’s own field research projects. Materials are consistently acquired by the Western Foundation and used by researchers, educators, scientific artists, and other museums. In addition, materials are used in educational tours and presentations for the general public, both at the Foundation and at outside events. All materials are actively maintained to be free of parasites and dust, so that the items can be available for research and education purposes in perpetuity.

If you would like to help us maintain the collections of the WFVZ, see our Volunteer page.  If you are interested in donating specimens to the Western Foundation, please contact us for more information before such a donation. WFVZ Acquisition and Preservation bachman sparrow nest