Plan A Visit

Plan a visit!


Public Visitors have several ways they can visit the WFVZ:


  1. Staff of the WFVZ conduct Public Tours of the collections on the last Friday of every month from 3 to 4 pm (except November and December; see schedule below).   We also hold Public Tours on the second Wednesday of each month from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.  Please call at least one day in advance to register for these tours (maximum of 22 people for these tours).  The fee is $5 per person, but WFVZ Members and children 5 and under get in for Free.


  1. Special Group Tours (see our flyer) can be arranged for 10 to 40 people for school classes, community groups, and other organizations. Please call to arrange a tour at least 2 months in advance. Our fee for tours is $5 per person; $10 per person if a formal classroom experience is also desired for the group. Please visit our Education Program page and contact the Foundation for more information.


Group tours can be taught in English or Spanish.  For an example of Spanish educational tours that we have given, check the video produced by Univision, Los Angeles, Channel 34, broadcast on February 18th, 2015, for the 6th grade "Newcomers' Class" from RJ Frank Middle School in Oxnard! Video Univision, Canal 34

Para una muestra de nuestros tours, vea nuestro reportaje en Univision Canal 34.  Este fue presentado el 18 de Feb 2015, para los niños inmigrantes recien llegados de 6to grado de la escuela RJ Frank Middle School en Oxnard Video Univision, Canal 34


  1. Individuals and small groups can also walk through the WFVZ museum without a tour. Call at least one dat in advance to make an appointment.

Research and Artist Visitors

Researchers and artists can access the collections to work with the WFVZ’s egg, nest, and study skin materials, or use the library.  These visits must be arranged with at least 48 hours notice; people who come without an appointment will be turned away.  Researchers or artists should email or call the Collections Manager or the Director to arrange a visit (805-388-9944; rene at wfvz dot org or linnea at wfvz dot org).  To search our computerized data electronically, please visit the VERTNET portal.



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